Checklist For Moving Elderly Parents Into Your Home

Sep 03, 2022
Checklist For Moving Elderly Parents Into Your Home
There can be many reasons for moving elderly parents into your home. For example, many people don’t want their aging parents to be cared for by strangers, or they want to take care of their parents exactly the same they were cared for in their childhood.

There can be many reasons for moving elderly parents into your home. For example, many people don’t want their aging parents to be cared for by strangers, or they want to take care of their parents exactly the same they were cared for in their childhood. Whatever the reason is, remember that the decision of the elderly move isn’t as easy as it seems.

There are millions of things to consider before moving parents to assisted living. The whole process is overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing, from packing, organizing, discarding, and cleaning to paperwork. However, the transition can be smooth with proper planning and arrangements.

To ease your task, we have narrowed down a checklist for moving elderly parents into your home. It will save you time and energy and ensure a successful transition.

So, without any further ado; let’s delve into it

1. Help them in downsizing & decluttering

Getting rid of the decades of family possessions and history can be daunting for your parents. The emotional attachment to stuff can make it difficult for them to leave the things behind. So, it’s quite important to help your parents in this phase.

Begin with low sentimental stuff

Advise your parents to begin with the place that has a low sentimental value in their home, e.g.; it can be either their bathroom or guest room. This way, they can easily initiate decluttering, and the sense of accomplishment will motivate them further.

Assist in making the tough decisions

If your parents have been living in a house for years, there can be a probability that many non-essential things may seem important to them. To sort out the stuff, you may suggest they “give away” prized possessions to their friends and family; if there is insufficient space in their new place.

However, consider storage if your parents don’t want to get rid of sentimental items. In this way, they can sort out stuff gradually at their own pace.

2. Avail Senior Moving Services

One of the most important tips for moving parents into assisted living is to seek expert help. Obviously, the entire process is pretty exhausting, and you won’t be able to do it independently.

Hire Senior Moving Managers

Experts like – senior moving managers are trained in organizing, relocating, and downsizing elderly possessions. They can help your parents overcome the emotional barrier of moving somewhere else. In addition, they can also reduce the overall chaos and family arguments by assisting in making tough decisions.

Hire Senior Moving Managers

Take help after the move.

Note that you’ll need additional support even after moving your parent to assisted living. Many senior relocation companies can make your after-move procedure a breeze. Such companies can help you in staging, cleaning, donations, and estate sales.

3. Carefully plan the transportation procedure

Well, if you are moving elderly parents to another state, plenty of things need to be taken care of. Many adults can’t travel long distances without proper assistance or multiple stops. In contrast, others require medical transport services for moving to another state.

Take Multiple Stops

Make sure to take multiple stops while traveling with aging parents on long rides. Moreover, communicate constantly with them if they want to stretch their legs or need pit stops.

Ensure Airline Assistance

If your loved ones have mobility issues, always book non-stop flights. Also, don’t forget to discuss important concerns with the airline staff, like boarding assistance, special accommodation, or curb-to-gate services. In addition, if your parents haven’t traveled for a while, notify them of all the essential security protocols.

Book Elderly Focused Transportation Companies

It’s always a wise decision to book elderly focused transportation company. Such companies provide non-emergency medical transportation so that the people who require extra assistance like oxygen and a wheelchair can move easily.

Furthermore, some companies offer transportation with beds and registered nursing staff. However, such services are quite expensive to avail.

4. Arrange Health Care Facilities In Advance

If you are moving elderly parents out of state, you must arrange their health care providers in advance.

Consult Primary Care Providers

primary health care provider will provide your aging parent comprehensive and preventive care from head to toe. It encompasses individuals’ physical, mental as well as social well-being. Whether your loved ones need to address a specific health condition or simply want comprehensive care to lead a healthy life, AZZ Medical Associates have the best primary care, providers.

Send Prescription to Nearby Pharmacy

Before actually moving parents into assisted living, send their prescriptions to the nearby pharmacy of their new house.

Consult Insurance Companies

It is important to ensure that the doctors dealing with your parents in the new location are covered by a health insurance plan. Various insurance companies often cover many health care providers. For example, AZZ medical associates work in conjunction with many insurance companies.

Consult Insurance Companies

5. Do your best to make the new house feel like home

Family possessions and assets can be calming in the new location. So, always allow your parents to arrange the new home personally to make it feel like a home.

Organize Carefully

Remember to organize every single item thoughtfully. You can replicate the display of pictures in the same order as they were in your parent’s house. To remember the order, you may take photos before moving out.

Get your loved ones involved before the move

A crucial item on our checklist is getting your parents acquainted with their new place before they even move there. Please encourage them to plan the stuff in advance for a smooth transition.

6. Discuss the positive points of transition

To smoothly move elderly parents out of their homes, remind them of the new opportunities they can get after the transition.

Focus them on positive aspects of transition

If your parents are moving to assisted living, help them focus on the positive points of transition, like fewer house and yard chores. They can relax, knowing that other house members can take care of their chores.

Moreover, if you are moving your art-loving mom to assisted living, look for nearby centers that can offer painting classes or vacancies in the nearby museum for volunteer docents.

Final Thoughts

Moving elderly parents to assisted living can be quite intimidating. However, with these tips, the transition process can be done smoothly. The above-described checklist will inform you on how to prepare for an elderly parent moving in.

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