Don’t Let Diabetes Sneak Up on You? Know These 6 Early Signs.

Apr 03, 2023
Don’t Let Diabetes Sneak Up on You? Know These 6 Early Signs.
Did you know it’s common for people to have high blood sugar and not realize it? Unfortunately, ignoring this serious disease can lead to long-term complications. Learn how to spot the signs before issues arise.

Diabetes comes in several forms, including one that can occur during pregnancy. However, they can all share similar symptoms early on.

Our providers at AZZ Medical Associates are experts in diagnosing and treating many chronic issues, including diabetes, and they know that it’s always best to detect health problems early. Not only are they usually easier to treat, but early intervention can help avoid long-term damage to the body. This is especially true with conditions associated with blood sugar. 

Unfortunately, of the more than 37 million Americans with diabetes, 1 in 5 don’t realize it. Without treatment, elevated blood sugar levels can increase your chances of developing numerous health complications, including:

  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Kidney disease
  • Eye disease and vision loss
  • Nerve damage
  • Foot problems

Fortunately, getting your blood sugar under control as soon as possible can help you avoid these issues.

Here are six early signs of diabetes.

1. Increased thirst

Have you been more thirsty than usual? Is your mouth frequently dry, or are you still thirsty even after drinking? This common sign of diabetes develops because of dehydration, as your body tries to flush excess sugar from your system.

2. Frequent urination

As you might expect, increased thirst often goes hand-in-hand with frequent urination. That’s because your kidneys go into overdrive trying to filter sugar from your blood, which increases urine production. 

If you find yourself needing the bathroom more often, especially at night, it could be time to schedule an appointment.

3. Skin discoloration

Your skin is probably the last thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about blood sugar. However, diabetes often causes dark patches to form in body creases, such as the groin, armpit, knuckles, or neck. In many cases, they also feel soft and velvety.

4. Fatigue

Diabetes can trigger extreme fatigue or exhaustion for numerous reasons, ranging from disrupted sleep and increased urination to dehydration and kidney damage. 

Regardless, ongoing exhaustion is never normal. If you have fatigue that interferes with your daily life, it’s essential to schedule an appointment to get to the cause of your symptoms.

5. Slow healing

Diabetes can have serious health complications, because elevated blood sugar levels can damage nerves and blood vessels in your body. Not only can this cause neuropathy — which can manifest as tingling, numbness, and pain in the hands or feet — but it can impact blood circulation in your body. 

The result? Even a small cut or injury can take weeks or months to heal, which can also increase your risk for infection.

6. Vision changes

Finally, if your vision seems blurry in one or both eyes, it’s time to see a doctor. This sign of diabetes can develop from swelling in the lens of the eye or damage to its tiny blood vessels. 

When caught early, vision issues can often improve by getting your blood sugar under control. However, without treatment, it can lead to severe damage and even permanent vision loss.

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, play it safe and schedule an appointment. All you need is a routine blood test to check for high blood sugar. And, once we reach a diagnosis, we can help create a management strategy to get your numbers within healthy levels.

Could you have diabetes? To find out, and to get treatment if you need it, call 609-890-1050 or book an appointment online with AZZ Medical Associates today. We have offices in Old Bridge, Brick Township, Hamilton Township, and Ewing, New Jersey.