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Telehealth services offered in Ewing, Hamilton Township, Old Bridge and Brick Township, NJ

Thanks to telehealth, you can meet with your doctor from the comfort of your own home. At AZZ Medical Associates in Old Bridge, Brick Township, Hamilton Township, and Ewing, New Jersey, the primary care providers offer telehealth appointments seven days a week, 8 am-9 pm. If you need to refill a prescription, schedule a lab test, or be treated for an acute health problem, telehealth can help. Call the nearest office today to request a telehealth consultation, or book your appointment online.

Telehealth Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth, also called telemedicine, uses smartphones, computers, and tablets to exchange medical information electronically. 

Telehealth was first developed over 40 years ago, but it didn’t achieve widespread popularity until the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Since then, it’s become one of the quickest and most convenient ways to meet with a physician or other medical professionals.

What services does telehealth provide?

At AZZ Medical Associates, the team provides various services with telehealth, including:

  • Diagnoses of acute illnesses and injuries
  • Reviews of lab tests, X-rays, and other diagnostic procedures
  • Health counseling
  • Referrals to medical specialists
  • Prescription refills

Telehealth can help you monitor chronic conditions like diabetes. Regular telehealth visits can teach you how to manage your blood sugar and identify potential problems before they get worse.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

The greatest benefit of telehealth is convenience. Since you meet with your provider over the phone or the internet, you don’t have to leave home, sit in traffic, or expose yourself to others in a waiting room.

If you have children or care for an elderly loved one, telehealth saves you from finding a babysitter or substitute caretaker. For busy professionals, it provides a convenient way to receive medical care without taking time off work.

What happens during a telehealth visit?

At AZZ Medical Associates, the providers tailor telehealth visits to each patient’s needs.

Your doctor reviews your medical records and asks about your symptoms and lifestyle. They conduct a virtual exam. For example, if you have a cough, they might ask to hear it. If you have a swollen knee, your doctor has you point your camera at it so they can check for bruising or swelling.

Telehealth is quick and convenient, but it isn’t always ideal for treating complex medical problems. If your doctor needs more information to make a diagnosis, they’ll ask you to visit the office in person for lab tests, diagnostic imaging, or sex-specific screenings.

What should I bring to a telehealth visit?

AZZ Medical Associates recommends bringing the following items to your telehealth visit:

  • Health insurance information
  • Questions or concerns you have
  • Lists of the medicines, supplements, and vitamins you take
  • Results from recent lab tests or diagnostic procedures
  • Names of any doctors or specialists you’ve seen recently

Test your camera, microphone, and internet connection before the call to avoid technical problems.

Call AZZ Medical Associates today to request a telehealth appointment or book one online.